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Welcome to Larry’s Flea Market, we are still the place to buy Larry The Cable Guy Hats, Shirts, CDs, DVDs and Tickets. We just don’t handle any of it personally anymore. We are now more like tour guides. What we do now is post out of the ordinary Larry entertainment as well as point all of you faithful folks who still come to our website in the right direction to find the best deals on Larry The Cable Guy Merchandise and cheap Larry The Cable Guy Tickets. It would be nice to see Larry without taking out a second mortgage, am I right? Here are some other sections of our website you will enjoy:

Larry The Cable Guy Video

Larry is a funny SOB, you gotta have him on video, whether it’s a quick funny Larry bit, or an interview that’s a little different if it’s Larry The Cable Guy we will be adding it to the mix on our videos page. Update: We are working on putting up the Larry The Cable Guy Roast as well as Larry The Cable Guy Christmas Carols.

If it’s a Larry The Cable Guy video you want to purchase we have you covered there also. Click on the Store link and you will be able to choose from every video Larry has ever made. How’s that for handy?

Larry The Cable Guy Movies on DVD and Blue Ray

No Larry collection is complete without, Blue Collar TV, Delta Farce, Larry The Cable Guy Christmas Spectacular, Witless Protection, Larry The Cable Guy’s Hula Palooza Christmas Luau, and all the the Cars shows with, Mater and the Ghostlight and Mater’s Tall Tales. You know you were there…

Larry The Cable Guy CDs

Same goes for the CDs, find any CD your Larry collection is missing by clicking on the Store link. Who could go without CD titles like Lord I Apologize, A Very Larry Christmas, The Right To Bare Arms, Morning Constitutions, Christmastime in Larryland, Tailgate Party and the rare collectors first album Salutations and Flatulations.

Larry The Cable Guy Biography

We have a brief easy to read Bio, just click the Bio link.

What we will be adding soon:

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes

You will be able to find your favorite Larry joke or find some new ones.

Larry The Cable Guy Songs

Larry is actually a lot more musically gifted than he lets on in his act. We are looking for Larry songs to put up on the site. As soon as we get it Ok’d we’ll let you know.

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