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How to Box -Oscar De La Hoya Vs. Floyd Mayweather

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

boxing.lose-fat-get-ripped.com – Learn to Box like De La Hoya! Lose up to 10lbs in 10 days using boxing workouts by a guy who trained a fighter even George Foreman didn’t want to fight. *Complete video instruction *Boxing Nutrition *Ongoing support *Videos of you boxing critiqued Check out some of the testimonials & ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics boxing.lose-fat-get-ripped.com Highlights of the epic boxing match between these 2 fantastic boxers. All rights to HBO, I payed for the match. Music: (In order of playing) 3 6 Mafia – Its a Fight Rocky Theme

White Ranger Flow. (Prod. by RaisiM1222) (Nerdcore)

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Instrumental: www.youtube.com Lyrics: I’m not the illuminati, the only diamond I’m eye in is pizza shaped, Lou Malnatis I love women bodies Flow nasty as port-a-potties Honestly, Willmzy’s godly at comedy Humors very subtle, Im not trying to make it actually am makin’ fun of me I’m pale and skinny as hell Me and chris are the white kenan and kel Young enough to not get double take on orderin’ a Big Kids meal thats howie do it, yeah, you know the deal Get ridda that implant dat nerdy chaps cant literally lyrically crap on tracks Racks on racks on racks Ya we the breast Like DJ Khalid, we’re phat But he’s da one dat should put a Mickey D cup on his man boob chest, Welcome to Good Burger, Home to hip hop version of RJ Berger But with a larger penis size and tracks that I victimize Quit all the criticize this is comedy rap, guys But hey I work hard to be talked about so ain’t yet quitin’ time I’m the bee’s knees playin’ in your CDs My feces is an endangered species I get lead into bedrooms by a trail of reese’s pieces MP’s dangerously in danger I’m going off like the White Power Ranger On Ya beastly whores with my Tiger zord Oh Lord, band-aid up those sores, and buy more cuz it has become a daily chore Willmzy you can’t ignore me like you do a Jehovah witness at your door MP’s dangerously in danger I’m going off like the White Power Ranger On Ya beast-ly whores with my Tiger zord Oh Lord, band-aid up those sores, and buy more cuz it has become a daily chore Willmzy you can’t


Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Larry King made it official Tuesday night: After 25 years of conducting high profile interviews on CNN, he will end his nightly show this fall. As King put it in a blog post, “it’s time to hang up my nightly suspenders.” The move will give ratings-troubled CNN another shot at trying to re-boot part of its prime-time lineup starting this fall. Make no doubt about it, CNN is now in a period of major re-invention. Here’s the explanation the 76-year-old cable TV pioneer posted on his blog at 7:10 pm Tuesday: Before I start the show tonight, I want to share some personal news with you. 25 years ago, I sat across this table from New York Governor Mario Cuomo for the first broadcast of Larry King Live. Now, decades later, I talked to the guys here at CNN and I told them I would like to end Larry King Live, the nightly show, this fall and CNN has graciously accepted, giving me more time for my wife and I to get to the kids’ little league games. I’ll still be a part of the CNN family, hosting several Larry King specials on major national and international subjects. I’m incredibly proud that we recently made the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest running show with the same host in the same time slot. With this chapter closing I’m looking forward to the future and what my next chapter will bring, but for now it’s time to hang up my nightly suspenders.

Cablevision—a Brief History of the Jefferson Cable Corporation

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

From early 1970 until the equipment began failing in the 1980s, the Jefferson Cable Production Department turned out thousands of hours of local television programs, including “Community History,” “Cable Contact,” “People, Places, Things,” “The Apple Butter Sunday Telethon,” “University Perspectives,” “Focus,” “Jeff Laigon Songbook,” “Half of a Good Time Hour,” and any number of special productions, from Kay Peaslee’s look at the local water system, Denny Bly’s documentary on the controversy surrounding the building of the Downtown Mall, to Amy Entelis’ 1975 expose of the brand-new city-county jail. Three years before Channel 29 turned on its transmitter, Mike Gleason made Charlottesville’s first televised newscast. As a requirement of the Cable’s franchise agreement with the city, every city council meeting was televised live, necessitating late nights for the paid crew, as well as several unpaid volunteer cameramen, including me. Most of the early shows have been lost. Some were done live and never recorded; many were recorded on expensive reels of video tape, which were bulk erased, when needed for new productions. Luckily, some productions were considered of historic interest, despite the cost, and labeled “SAVE!” About 300 hours survive, most in UVa’s Special Collections Library. Cable founder Bob Monroe granted Denny Bly and me an interview in July, 1994, a few months before his death. Employees of the production department included Joe Price, Mea Daum, Will Anas

Larry the Married Man does the Pee Wee Herman!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

He’s back for his season 2! larrythemarriedman.blip.tv

Larry the Married Man-"Breaking Wind"

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

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Larry the Married Man-"The Walk Out"

Monday, July 30th, 2012

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Larry the Married Man Snippet(Live in Orlando, FL)

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

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(Want a better relationship with your wife?) Larry the Married Man

Saturday, July 28th, 2012


Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (Snoopy's Christmas) (CC)

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

I felt like making a video to go with my mom’s favorite Christmas song. PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING ME QUESTIONS I get A LOT of questions about this video in December so I will put information here. The song I use is called Snoopy’s Christmas by the Royal Guardsmen. Many people call it Snoopy vs The Red Baron but that is not the Christmas version. The cartoons I used are from The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Charlie Brown Christmas Cartoons and music are Copyrighted (The amazon link they provide is for the WRONG song) I made this video as a gift for my mom. I get too many people asking for a copy of it. I CANNOT GIVE PEOPLE A COPY OF THIS VIDEO. Right now you can only view it here on YOUTUBE. Most importantly, thank you for all the nice comments. I never intended for this video to be so popular. Check out some of my other videos! -Kim