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Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: BS Cactus Favorite Comedian's- John Fox 1986

Monday, May 28th, 2012

John Fox was one of my Fathers favorite comedian’s and although yes he is a bit blue he is tame compared to now a days and this was 1985- hope you enjoy this classic comedian series

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: Official Ron White – 'Coupins'

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

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Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: Cheech and Chong Roasted – Stand-up Comedy

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Cheech and Chong Roasted – Stand-up Comedy

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: Blue Collar Tv Big Deck

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

a funny skit from blue collar tv featuring drew carey www.swagbucks.com take surveys earn money

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: Furry Sings The Blues & Hejira – Joni's Jazz Jam

Friday, May 25th, 2012

August 29, 1987 – Joni is a guest on Coast to Coast for a jam session with host Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Wayne Shorter, David Sanborn and Larry Klein. Joni leads the discussion about Furry Sings The Blues then the jam begins followed by Hejira. Cable TV’s Showtime Coast To Coast was a unique series of in-concert performances, interviews and collaborations hosted by Herbie Hancock. “There were no rehearsals,” recalls program producer/director Ken Ehrlich. “Just one day together running some tunes with no cameras present – the idea was simply to bring these people into a room and let them do something. On Wednesday, it didn’t exist. On Saturday, it was a show. Just two cameras to catch the entire creative process: ‘Here’s the studio, here’s some food, have a good time.’ They totally forgot the cameras were there. It was very exciting. It was magic.” Old Beale Street is coming down Sweeties’ Snack Bar boarded up now And Egles the Tailor and the Shine Boy’s gone Faded out with ragtime blues Handy’s cast in bronze And he’s standing in a little park With a trumpet in his hand Like he’s listening back to the good old bands And the click of high heeled shoes Old Furry sings the blues Propped up in his bed With his dentures and his leg removed And Ginny’s there For her kindness and Furry’s beer She’s the old man’s angel overseer Pawn shops glitter like gold tooth caps In the grey decay They chew the last few dollars off Old Beale Street’s carcass Carrion and mercy Blue and

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: Lashonda Reed Cable TV

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: Cinema Zone-Live Free Or Die Hard(2007) 3/3

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

The Third And Final Part Of My Review Of Live Free Or Die Hard aka. Die Hard 4.0 Starring Bruce Willis, Yorgo Constantine, Timothy Olyphant, Kevin Smith, Jonathan Sadowski, Cliff Curtis, Maggie Q, Andrew Friedman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, And Justin Long. Directed By Len Wiseman. Trivia # The bad guy Thomas Gabriel points a gun at McClane and declares “On your tombstone it will say ‘Always in the wrong place at the wrong time’.” “John McClane is back in the wrong place at the wrong time!” was a tagline used for Die Hard 2 (1990). # Jessica Simpson auditioned unsuccessfully for the role of Bruce Willis’ daughter. She can be seen on the way to the audition and coming out of the audition in “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica” (2003) episode “Mismatched Threesome”. # Bruce Willis’ stunt double, Larry Rippenkroeger, was seriously injured when he fell 25 feet to the pavement. He suffered broken bones in his face and fractures in both wrists. Production was temporarily shut down. Willis picked up the tab at area hotels for Larry’s parents and visited him a number of times at the hospital. Larry also doubles for ‘James Caan (I)’ in his TV series, “Las Vegas” (2003). Caan came and visited Larry in the hospital and joked around for over an hour. Larry told his parents he was glad when Caan left because he hurt so bad laughing at Caan’s jokes. # John McClane’s date of birth is revealed as May 23, 1955 when Thomas Gabriel looks at his dossier. # When McClane throws Russo down the stairs, the

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: Dennis Miller Slams Beck, Hannity On "The Factor"?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

On the 13th anniversary of Fox News Channel, Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller talk about why people hate the network. Miller also describes the cable news climate today, comparing it to a long road, with MSNBC “in the left lane… they are so far out there now that, quite frankly, Magellan and OnStar can’t locate them.” Meanwhile, Fox News is “in the right lane,” but “Hannity’s gone off-road, and Beck, he’s way down the road.” O’Reilly takes offense to Miller’s criticism of Hannity and Beck, whom Bill says is “fabulously successful” and is someone “people identify with.”

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: Jon Reep aka The Hickory Dancing Nut

Monday, May 21st, 2012

In the 7th grade I was a break dancer. Ever heard of the Cosmic Force? Well, we were huge in Hickory. I like to dance. I’ve even been kicked out of NFL games for dancing on the field with the mascot. Check that out here: www.youtube.com Thanks a lot Sir Purr! So, I think I’ve earned my spot on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”. If you would like to see me shaking what my mother gave me on this show, please click on the link below and say Jon Reep, Here’s the link: abc.go.com And tell others as well. I’m Jon Reep and I support this message. This was recorded March 5th in front of a sold-out crowd at the Broyhill Center in Lenoir, NC. www.JonReep.com http www.Myspace.com www.Twitter.com

Larry The Cable Guy Jokes: MEANEST HILLBELLY ALIVE !

Monday, May 14th, 2012

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