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Git-R-Done: The Worst Movies Ever – The Little Cars 3: The Fast and the Curious (Part 2/8)

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

CLICK THE THUMBS DOWN ICON IF YOU HATE IT! Drifritando (translation unknown), Part 2/2. Geez, will this guy ever LOSE?!
Rating: 2

Git-R-Done: Road Side Fruit Stand

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Tall ladies with deep voices standing around on Duval Street in Key West. The big blonde kinda looks like John Goodman in a dress and a wig, with a little make-up…
Rating: 4

Git-R-Done: The Worst Movies Ever – The Little Cars 4: New Genie Adventures (Part 1/5, Genie Gasoline)

Monday, July 9th, 2012

CLICK THE THUMBS DOWN ICON IF YOU HATE IT! The so-called little cars are back on the internet! And they couldn’t be blander. The intro takes a vacation, Lugnut/Kombo finds a genie, a family reunion takes place, the gang find a ghost, do I even look like I care?
Rating: 1

Git-R-Done: Simon King vs Politics

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

American news can say some stupid things sometimes.
Rating: 4

Git-R-Done: Cars (2006) – Movie Review (Link)

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Cars Directed by John Lasseter Written by: Dan Fogelman, John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin & Jorgen Klubien. Starring: Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Larry the Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt & Michael Keaton Arrogant race car Lightning McQueen (Wilson) is on the verge of superstardom, until a highway crash leaves him stranded in sleepy town Radiator Springs and sentenced to community service. Initially desperate to leave, he comes to appreciate the quiet life thanks to the town’s inhabitants.. Cars belongs to Walt Disney Studios. WATCH THE REVIEW HERE: blip.tv Title Card by: MoonMenUnit42 Opening titles by: doctorwhoreviewshd This video is for educational and critical purposes only and is protected under fair use. Be sure to comment and subscribe!
Rating: 0

Git-R-Done: Witless Protection – 3. "Blonde Hostage"

Friday, July 6th, 2012

WITLESS PROTECTION (2008) TO BUY OR DOWNLOAD: www.lionsgateshop.com Madeleine (Ivana Milicevic) walks into the diner where Larry and his friends are hanging out. He thinks she has been kidnapped.
Rating: 5

Git-R-Done: Spunkransom Reloaded!

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Okay so I’ve been thinking about Twilight a little to much lately so out of boredom I decided to make a video dedicated to Robert Pattinson. This was inspired by twylyter’s, “It’s Robert Pattinson Bitch!” Go watch it. It’s amazingly funny. So umm yeah heres the video. Hope it’s funny. Not sure if it is though. Anyways, much love to Robert Pattinson and the cast of Twilight. Also I’d like to thank my sister Rachael for helping me with some of these songs. She seriously has a great sense of humor. All clips are from edwardandbella.net List of songs in order: Animal I’ve Become – Three Days Grace Do I Creep You Out- Weird Al Yancovic The Rescue – American Hi-Fi Ding Dong Song – Gunther Hero – Enrique Iglesias It’s Gonna Be Me – Nsync I Don’t Wanna Be In Love – Good Charlotte Music Box – Regina Spektor What About Now – Chris Daughtry No Air – Jordan Sparks Feat. Chris Brown When You Look Me In The Eyes – The Jonas Brothers I’m Not Okay – My Chemical Romance Halloween Theme Song Crank That Soulja Boy – Soulja Boy Do You Know? – Enrique Iglesias Satisfaction – Benny Benassi Gravity – John Mayer If I Never See Your Face Again – Maroon 5 Feat. Rihanna Shoes! – Kelly Missing You – Tyler Hilton Donny The Retard – Larry The Cable Guy Push It To The Limit – Corbin Bleu Cuz I Can – Pink
Rating: 4

Git-R-Done: Redneck Night Before Christmas

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Years ago, I bought the book “Redneck Night Before Christmas” for Grandpa Tumblebug, who loved gag gifts and loved to laugh. I read the book to my children and one of my nephews this Christmas Eve. Enjoy the performance, and remember, all my enlightened redneck friends, it’s just a joke.
Rating: 5

Git-R-Done: Cars Toon Wii Maters Tall Tales Disney Pixar video game review

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Here’s an unboxing for Mater’s Tall Tales video game for Wii rated E for everyone. Comes in a wicked awesome 3D lenticular slipcover for under $15.00 Seems to be a great racing game with all the characters or the Tall Tales Cars Toons Short series.. Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales is inspired by Disney/Pixar’s wildly popular animated shorts of the same name. A follow up last year’s successful Wii release, Toy Story Mania!, Cars Toon Mater’s Tall Tales is part of the Mania! video game franchise, featuring fast-paced, multiplayer, family fun. The game is a frenzied pick-up-and-play experience to be enjoyed by everyone in the room. With up to four players at once, Mania! games reward competitiveness and cooperation among players. The game will bring Mater together with Lightning McQueen and the “Cars” gang for a new set of adventures, capturing the endearing sense of humor of everyone’s favorite tow truck. Players will join Mater and his pals as they relive the wild stories he conjures up about hilariously unpredictable events that may or may not have taken place. The voice of everyone’s favorite tow truck, Mater, will be supplied by Daniel Whitney, “Larry the Cable Guy,” who also voices the character in the film and cartoon shorts. It’s neat how the game takes you through the story for each of Mater’s Tall Tales: Mater the Greater, Rescue Squad Mater, Unidentified Flying Mater, El Materdor, Tokyo Mater, and Monster Truck Mater. The game actually uses Pixar’s footage for the
Rating: 3

Git-R-Done: Jeff Tracta Comedian, Impressionist, Singer

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Highlights from Jeff Tracta’s new hit show.
Rating: 5