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Git-R-Done: Man Boobs Hidden Camera Sex Comedy-300 lb. Speedo HAVIN'a BEER WITH MIKE-Netflix

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

From Netflix Search “Havin’ a Beer with Mike” Sexy Man Boobs are hilarious! Mike convinces a 300 lb man wearing a Speedo, to go out in public! Big laughs rule when Mike and the Speedo man attempt to rent an apartment while holding hands. KEY WORDS: Having Havin’ a beer with Mike Comedy mtv vh1 jackass jay leno david letterman abc nbc cbs playboy stuff maxim jeff foxworthy redneck larry the cable guy johnny cash Orlando Florida hidden camera reality tv american idol Not Having a Beer with Mike. Havin’ a Beer with Mike.. HISTORY: Comedy Series, #1 Late Night Nielsen Ratings ABC, Orlando, against Conan O’Brien. “Havin’ a Beer with Mike” fan favorite often misunderstood by TV stations and networks. “We have been falsely compared to Howard Stern and The Man Show” states Mike McDaniel, creator of the series. “True have a Midget, a Richard Simmons impersonator and even a Retarded man. The difference is, we perform original and innovative comedy. We don’t focus on a persons handicap. We treat all cast members as friends and equals. Our humor is smart, original and unique. We continually strive for originality.” This series contains controversial storylines combined with pranks, accidents and improv moments shot against a reality backdrop. If you like the characters of Seinfeld, the reality of Punked & Candid Camera combined with the intelligence of Curb Your Enthusiasm, You will love this.. Michael McDaniel TV Inc. Creator: Mike McDaniel
Rating: 5

Git-R-Done: Frank Caliendo talks about meeting the Real John Madden at the Superbowl .avi

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Pretty funny…. Frank is shown with the new Video Mic Flag telling how he met John Madden for the first time.
Rating: 0

Git-R-Done: Shania Twain Impersonator Tribute featuring Lisa Cash

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Shania Twain the Tribute featuring Lisa Cash. As a Shania Twain Impersonator and Tribute Artist, Lisa Cash is is regarded as one of the best in the country. She was just featured on Vh1 with Larry the Cable Guy, and has performed for clients such as Disney, Microsoft, the NBA, and many many more. Visit her recently updated website at WWW.BESTSHANIATWAIN.COM to see pictures of other artists that she performs as in addition to exclusive bestshaniatwain video clips not found elsewhere. There you can view clips of her performing as Blondie, Madonna, Cher, and Marilyn Monroe, and her signature Shania Twain Tribute show.
Rating: 0

Git-R-Done: Amanda Abbott's Reel

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

All about Amanda Abbott
Rating: 5

Git-R-Done: Cars 2 Pinion Tanaka vs. Kingpin Nobunaga Diecast #5 #7 Disney Figure review

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Here’s Kingpin Nobunaga #5 from the deluxe Mattel collection and Pinion Tanaka #7 from the deluxe Mattel collection. Both are from the Disney Pixar movie Cars 2. They are both 1:55 scale measuring 3 ¼ inches long by 2 1/4 inches high sold in any toys store like Toys r us, walmart, target, kmart. Kingpin Nobunaga is a professional Sumo wrestler from Tokyo, Japan, he’s a gold-painted van who fights his strongest matches when he’s wearing his lucky purple mawashi. Disney Pixar Cars 2 Kingpin Nobunaga Sumo Wrestler #5 Deluxe Edition from Mattel. Pinion Tanaka is a character in Cars 2. He is a gold-painted micro van and a professional Sumo wrestler from Tokyo, Japan, who’s always a menacing sight in the ring in his signature teal mawashi. Disney Pixar Cars 2 Pinion Tanaka Sumo Wrestler #7 Deluxe Edition from Mattel. A mawashi is the belt these sumo wrestlers use in training and competition. Kimura Kaizo is the referee from the Tokyo sumo fight between Pinion Tanaka and Kingpin Nobunaga. Click link to watch his video: www.youtube.com The “Piston Cup 500″ was a Piston Cup race held in the summer of 2006 in Cars. It began at the Motor Speedway of the South, where The King, Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen tied three-way. A tiebreaker 200-lap race was held a week later, at the Los Angeles International Speedway. A total of 36 racers competed in the series and 3 tracks are known. Cars is a 3D computer animated film produced by Pixar and directed by John Lasseter featuring voices
Rating: 3

Git-R-Done: Marion Kendrick | Master P Hoodstars of Comedy

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Master P Hoodstars of Comedy live taping from Gotham Blues Fayetteville, North Carolina
Rating: 4

Git-R-Done: Cars 2 Hydrofoil Finn McMissile diecast #6 Disney figure Mattel toys

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Hey guys, die cast from Cars 2 is called “Hydrofoil Finn McMissile” oversized deluxe measuring 1 ½ inches long by 1 ½ inches high. Oversized vehicle that is taller than the regular 1:55 scale. Go big with a 1/55 Scale Disney Pixar Cars 2 Oversized Die-Cast Vehicle that includes larger Cars 2 characters! This is Vehicle #6 Agent Finn McMissile in Hydrofoil mode. Although this is a diecast car, the hydrofoil gear is made of plastic and its not removable! And it sells for about $8 —————————————————————————— Finn McMissile He is a master British secret spy agent who recruits Mater, whom he mistakes for a cleverly disguised American agent, to help in his mission. Though charming and eloquent, intelligence and years in the field that enable him to thwart unexpected attacks from bad guys, making quick daredevil escapes. His license plate is 314 FMCM, which stands for voice actor’s birthday and name March 14, Finn McMissile Caine Michael “Cars 2 Hydrofoil” “Cars 2 Hydrofoil Finn McMissile” “Espia secreto Finn Mcmissile” ign “Та́чки 2″ “Biler 2″ “Auta Odcinek” “Les bagnoles 2″ “Bilar 2″ “Masini 2″ “autos de metal” “voitures de metal” “carrinhos de metal” brinquedos, carrinhos, wiki, hydrofoil, submarine, agent, spy, spies, toys, Mattel. Cars 2 Kabuki Mater from Tomica Takaratomy www.youtube.com Cars 2 Kabuki McQueen from Tomica Takaratomy. www.youtube.com The “Piston Cup 500″ was a Piston Cup race held in the summer of 2006 in
Rating: 3

Git-R-Done: I'm Gonna Git R Done 2005 APHA Gelding- English SOLD

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Gifford is a fantastic all around horse. He wasn’t started under saddle until mid way through his 3 year old year because he was growing like a weed. He was high point 14-18 in both MI paint clubs in 2010. He is offered for sale. Please feel free to contact Luann at lmshepardson@yahoo.com or call at (616)675-7278. Thanks for watching! Copyright priveledges to Def Leppard for the usage of “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.
Rating: 5

Git-R-Done: Larry entdeckt Amerika – Von Bürgerkrieg und Bikern

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Erleben Sie Geschichte mit Larry the Cable Guy einmal ganz anders! Seien Sie dabei, wenn er nicht nur auf schräge Gestalten trifft und allerlei Kuriositäten entdeckt, sondern auch kulturelle Bräuche vorstellt und hinter die Kulissen geschichtsträchtiger Institutionen blickt.
Rating: 5

Git-R-Done: DVD sales pitch

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Hairygoomer and badonkeydonk hawking the DVD like theres no tomorow. Hairygoomer sez… PLEASE buy my comedy dvd, it’s “folkabilly fun” at it’s finest.
Rating: 5