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Larry The Cable Guy Tickets: Grand Theft Auto — San Andreas: Visiting Liberty City

Written by admin on August 22nd, 2012

NOTE: I played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on my Sony PlayStation 3 to capture and create this video. This is a very enjoyable video. Here, Carl Johnson returns to Liberty City, as it had appeared in 1992. In this mission Saint Mark’s Bistro, CJ kills most of Forelli’s gang members inside the bistro. However, he does not kill Forelli — instead, he decides to tour Liberty City. And much to his surprise, he sees that Liberty City was still under construction after he had left for San Andreas. In this video, I demonstrate to you one of several ways on how to visit Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This is the least complicated version. To compensate for time, I removed the part of the video where CJ flies to Liberty City. NOTES: – Liberty City is far too high in the sky to visit at any time during the game. You cannot visit the city using either the Jetpack cheat or flying any aircraft out of San Andreas and upward. – If you successfully pass the Saint Mark’s Bistro mission, you cannot revisit Liberty City again (except for using a complicated CodeBreaker cheat, which I have not used). Therefore…. – SAVE THE GAME BEFORE STARTING THE SAINT MARK’S BISTRO MISSION!!!!! Make at least three or more copies of your game in your save file! – I have not tried visiting Liberty City using the non-CodeBreaker method (ie, Ganton Gym). If I successfully pull that off, I’ll create a future video to illustrate how it’s done.


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