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Larry The Cable Guy Tickets: Halo Reach – How to unlock haunted helmet

Written by admin on August 9th, 2012

Subscribe ***READ*** Here is a list of all the Helmets in Halo Reach am not 100% if the waypoint helmets need to be unlocked too and i dont think you need to have unlocked all the attachments too, I think its just the helmets. Mark V[B ]: Default – UA: 750cR – UA/HUL: 1500cR CQC: Free – CBRN: 750cR – UA/HUL: 1500cR ODST: 2000cR – UA/CNM: 1000cR – CBRN/HUL: 500cR Hazop: 7000cR – CBRN/HUL: 2000cR – CNM-I: 1000cR [Captain] EOD: 15000cR – CNM: – UA/HUL: Operator: 7000cR – UA/HUL: 2000cR – CNM: Grenadier: 25000cR – UA: – UA/FC: Air Assault: 15000cR – UA/CNM: – FC-I: Scout: 40000cR [Captain] – HU/RS: – CBRN/CNM: EVA: 30000cR [Major] – CNM: – UA/HUL[3 ]: JFO: 60000cR [Lt. Colonel] – HUL-I: – UA: Commando: 85000cR* – CBRN/CNM: – UA/FC-I: EVA[C ]: – CNM: – UA/HUL[3 ]: MJOLNIR Mark V: 130000cR [Lt. Colonel] – CNM: – UA: Pilot: 90000cR – HUL[3]: – UA/HUL[3]: – Haunted: Purchase all helmets Recon: Pre-order/ – HUL: 75000cR – UA/CNM: Pre-order MJOLNIR Mark VI: 300000cR – FC-I[2]: – UA/HUL-I: GUNGNIR: 250000cR – HU/RS: 125000cR – CBRN: 400000cR Security: 250000cR* – UA/HUL: – CBRN/CNM: Military Police: 450G + complete Reach campaign on Normal. – CBRN/HU/RS: 900G + Pink and Deadly achievement [ODST]. – HU/RS/CNM: 1400G, Fear the Pink Mist achievement [Halo 3], and A Spoonful of Blamite achievement [Reach]. CQB: Via Waypoint; 900G + complete Reach campaign on Heroic. – HU/RS/CNM: 1400G + complete ODST campaign on Heroic. – UA/HUL: 1900G + complete campaign on Legendary on Halo 3 AND


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