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Larry The Cable Guy Tickets: Outlawz – Real Talk (Lyrics)

Written by admin on July 9th, 2012

5* !! www.facebook.com LYRICS Now you dun heard a lot of talk about me and my niggaz Them outlaw world wide mob figgaz. From triumph to tragedy, To right back on top the niggaz still mad at me. For pushin that big truck on 24′s a square feat in ATL game lockjaw Man dats what my nigga got shot for, bein to motha fuckin raw for dis fuck boys. See the darkness see the light he wanna feel it Misery loves company, And that’s the real shit But in 2005 im on some ill shit Four niggaz sneak upon my and peel this. ‘Im takin the stand, with mac at hand Born killa, like them niggaz in pakistan It’s simple, gotta git em fore’ i die like the old west see how we low tex da ride. (Chorus) I know mama, you did your best at raisin’ me. Now your baby dun became a G. When i’m out in them streets the only one that got me is me. I keep my hand upon my heat. Cause you know mama, you didn’t raise no bitch so if a nigga wanna get at me I be out in them streets, my thang cocked Cause really all I got in the end of the day is me Real talk. Everyday is a new challenge I’m a savage in a new balance A lot of rappers but not enough raw talent Blame the machine but fuck it i’m a hustla bitch So we start our own label sellin’ bricks legit Power to the people A lot of power in my pencil We da hope for the hopeless The voice for the voiceless Outlaw soldiers, we still in the game Years later less members fuckin feelin the same. Straight from the heart makin em walk Live for the day dont wait for tomorrow


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