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Larry The Cable Guy Tickets: LA Symphony feat. Tsunenori – Timeless

Written by admin on June 17th, 2012

Mixed by: Evan Awake MP3 DOWNLOAD: www.mediafire.com IMAGE DOWNLOAD: oo-rein-oo.deviantart.com Components: “Timeless” by LA Symphony “Forest Bathing” by Tsunenori Lyrics: (scratched) Check it out ya’ll know what time it is back in the flesh LA symphony puttin in down pound pound for pound five foot four three two one you know who the crew is energetic ruthless radio gonna play this till your old and toothless even your mom like the LA symph crew more than just music life channel through the binsu even if it aint what you into we kick the essentials stainless is sinful, complex is simple we steady movin with our eyes on the prize you never wanna shake us with them other guys so we sock it to the brain than i spit it through mesh i do right to every word so they can penetrate flesh its like a key on a kite sparkin thoughts to bring light i threw caution to the wind and let my words take flight you can forget the fads you can forget the trends i am finding a meaning a force that transcends on culture race space and all of time with others in my heart and there is peace in my mind from birth til death i can repeats flesh dress above your view of the sky stands out weightless speak life to the breathless shine for the breathless for the blind ? track for evidence Chorus I’m trying to make it in a world full of apathy asking God what else does he have for me I’m timeless i am a beautiful mess through the joy through the pain through the worst and best Im timeless Make it like


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