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Larry The Cable Guy Tickets: Boom – Snoop Dog ft. T-Pain

Written by admin on May 31st, 2012

Snoop] Yeah… Top Dogg… uh… Get your money whip your hair Executive branch blowin’ smoke like a player Yeah in the club, yes it cracks Cute little mama,but they stacked with bags. I’m smokin’ Grape Purple Urkel You in Doggie world come and join my circle I break down herbal til I move like a turtle My money is green and my Porsche is turbo (Boom!) In hot pursuit, come rock with Snoop Baby’s a lawyer, her body’s the truth. I’m in the game for real, it pays to chill I walk in the club and they front the bill I’m the Big Dogg, best beware You comin’ with me, if you stop, they’ll stare Should be on my team, in my car on the way to the spot, Yes you are toastin’ up, postin’ up And when we done, we West Coastin’ love. Fo’ shendo blowin’ endo, how much for the Dogg in the window? uh. oh. what? (Boom!) (Boom!) Say what? say what? (Boom!) Talk to ‘em T-pain [T-pain] Baby I’m a Dogg! (I’m a Dogg!), beware! (beware!) I do whatever, however I want! (I want!) It’s both of y’all (both of y’all), oh yeah! (oh yeah!) Now put your hands in the air and whip your hair and go La la la la la Boom shakalaka when I drop all my apples, sayin’ La la la la la One-hitta quitta (quitta) Shawty know that I ain’t playin’ [Snoop] (Boom!) I’m all about the money, the money I got On the VIP tip, Maserati’s in the lot. Chillin’ with the stars where the bottles never stop Got a model on my lap, Baby show me what you got (Boom!) With a cup of Landy, Tiffany and Sandy Girls who like girls, wanna do it


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