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Git-R-Done: Larry The Cable Guy Films Bigfoot

Written by admin on February 17th, 2012

There is an “excellent chance” that popular comedian Larry The Cable Guy’s film crew accidentally captured video footage of an Auburn Sasquatch while filming one of his programs. It was inadvertently filmed on a Larry the cable guy episode while he was shooting a scene for the series “Only In America” in Alaska. A close friend contacted Larry through Facebook and he had no explanation of what it was. Parker Duvall of the Kentucky Bigfoot Hunters said “he called the producer who told him they were 100% sure it is NOT one of the crew and it was NOT someone in a suit. So we are giving this a very good chance that this was a Real Alaskan Sasquatch” They were quartering a Moose with (Palmer Alaska school) football team members. It was a long hike to get into the area and the creature appears to have similarities that we have seen in the Patterson Gimlin film subject.
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